Discover Miguel Martínez Novo, chef of La Tronera



Berciano of origin, his passage through Madrid in front of a tavern in the Chueca neighborhood made him discover La Cocina.
After learning at the hospitality school in Madrid, he decided to return to his homeland and start his own adventure at the head of the Restaurant-Hotel La Tronera. He is a self-taught cook, his mother, his travels, are his inspiration but above all the love and respect he feels for his land.

Our way of understanding gastronomy 

Their dishes are intended to update the Berciana cuisine, giving full prominence to great products from the nearby orchard, emphasizing the authentic taste of the products. Without too many frills, in a clean, simple and orderly way but always playing with the surprise and the most modern textures.

Miguel Martinez Novo, aims to create a very close relationship with his diner, where enjoying one of the greatest pleasures of life is the link.

Each dish has “a depth” and a reason for being. 

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